Desert Inspired Fashion.

Timeless Fashion

We have introduce a range of bespoke Capes which have been designed for the conscious dresser. These Capes have been mindfully created in honour of the intense changes in season that occur in Southern African deserts.
At first glance one might dismiss the beauty and intensity of the varying colours. The sharp contrasts of the Capes are a tale of the textures and layers which the Kgalagadi landscapes are well renowned for.

Our Capes are made of malton a fabric which consists of thick brushed cotton which is trimmed with print fabrics from various part of the African continent.

With its durable and quality fabrics,
a Bola Nangabe Cape is a lifelong
Our Capes

Motsamai Collection

Explore our new luxury travel line featuring fabrics of cotton, raw silk, and cotton ankara. Each piece is adorned with wooden and covered buttons, with fabrics meticulously sourced from India and Ghana by our head designer. Experience the elegance and craftsmanship of the Motsamai Collection.

Motsamai - The Safari Line