Bola Nangabe – is a fashion brand that blends together the rich heritage of African print fabric from across the continent. Our designs draw inspiration from the Kgalagadi landscapes and peoples, the resilience, the endless sunsets, the deep hues and of the burst of colour following the first rains.  We are a family run business, owned by Masego “Nangabe” Madzwamuse - the designer and brain behind the brand, and her sister Phindile Madzwamuse - the face of the brand and the Administrator.  We bring together a mix of subtle and bold to create sophisticated and yet fun outfits. We specialise in both bespoke and ready-to-wear garments.

Our young and growing brand was established in 2016, taking forward a passion for fashion and fabrics that had been brewing for years.  What does Bola Nangabe mean? – It means “Speak Nangabe”. Bola Nangabe is’ The Voice of the Desert Peoples’ through our creativity. Bola is a Sengologa word for “Speak”, a language widely spoken by the peoples of the Kgalagadi Desert in Botswana and commonly referred to as Sekgalagadi.  Our products can be found in Norwood, Johannesburg, South Africa and around various pop-up shops around the city.

​To view the designs join the growing community of Facebook and Instagram, follow @BolaNangabe. Shipment is available for clients all over the world. Contact us on admin@bolanangabe.com or contact Masego on 0764875397